One of the biggest challenges for dog owners is how can all the dogs in one home get along. This is important specially if you are introducing a new dog to the family. Dogs can feel jealous, so it is very important that you are mentally and emotionally ready to get a new dog. Dogs are naturally friendly and they can adapt easily for the changes. But it is better to be ready just in case something comes up.

Factors to consider before meet up

Social styles vary from breed to breed. It will be easier if you choose a new pet that has the same personality like the existing pet. This will ensure that there will be no clashes between them. You need to do extra care and effort while introducing a new dog. Another thing to consider is if the other dog is already spayed or neutered. If one of them is not spayed, meeting will be more difficult.

Meet on a common ground

Dogs can be territorial. The best place to do the introduction is on a common place where you can see some other dogs as well. Do not choose your old dog’s favorite place because tension may arise. You can look for any other public place to neutralize the situation. You can choose a new place that your dogs are not familiar with. This will help them divert their attention to the new place. You can ask for some professionals to help you find an alternative place.


Introduction starts


Before doing the introduction, both dogs should be on leash.This will help the handler pull them away from each other just in case tension will arise. Let the dogs walk beside each other but still keeping the distance. And then you can switch position but still with that same safe distance between them. In this way, you will allow them to smell each other’s pathway.

Letting the dogs meet

Now, let them meet and pay close attention to their bodies and their reactions towards each other.  If you are having a hard time figuring out their behavior, let an expert do it for you. If both are not aggressive, then try to put them on a closed area and give them a space. It is best to leave them alone and not interfere too much. It will make them more tense if we will involve ourselves during their meeting.

Verbal feedback is needed

This may be the interference that they only need from us. Give them some verbal cues whenever possible. It should be depending on the situation. You can give them a command to stop if it is leading to conflict. And you can give them good words if they are behaving correctly. Words from humans will help them assess the situation.

Be aware of the dogs body language

Their body language may differ depending on the current state. You should be wary and observant on how they react to each other. Each body language will have different meanings to dogs.



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