The creatures of this blue planet use what they have at their disposal to attain their objectives. Sometimes, they do this to help other species who are in need. For our furry friends, they use their sense of hearing and their powerful nose to help humankind.

They can save us by sniffing out bombs and weapons. They can even sniff out our blood sugar levels and even cancer. When it’s our turn to save these pups, we also use human skills at our disposal. We have better vision, a logical mind, ingenuity, and technology.

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In the quiet town of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh in the north part of India, there is a resident who goes by the name of Milind Raj. He is an engineer who cares for animals, and he showcased both of these, one fateful day. He was walking around town minding his own business when he heard a whimpering sound.

He looked around and saw a puppy trapped, down by the drain. He wanted to save the puppy but the condition of the drain was not at its best. It was very dirty and if any person goes down there, he would be risking his life by catching a disease.

Then a cartoonish light bulb lit up in his head; he had a great idea how he could save the pup. He went back home and started tinkering with his gadgets. He attached a robotic hand to a drone. But, there are safety concerns about this robotic hand. What if it holds on too tight and hurts the pup or lets go of the pup while in mid-air?

Milind used his genius brain and went to work. He programmed the robotic hand to lessen the pressure when it is holding on to the pooch and to stay in place until the drone has reached a safe altitude and that’s when the hand can let go. After six hours, he went back, saved the pup and decided to adopt him. He named the dog, “Lifted.”

See the amazing rescue in the video below:

Video credit: Milind Raj via Youtube



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