Dog Training instills good behavior by giving both the pet and the owner a common language to understand each other. By working through basic training exercises, your relationship with your fur friend solidifies and develops.

Enrolling your dog in an obedience class is a good investment, but you can also teach your dog basic training using the following tips:

Assume the role of an “alpha”

Dogs are social animals and they need to understand their position in your pack. Your dog will need your patience and guidance as he learns to follow your commands.


Do not let your dog ignore your command, but do not react with anger as well for it may instill fear in your dog. Your dog may still be confused and needs your help to perform the given command.

Once your dog successfully follows a command, reward him.

Reward your dog

Positive reinforcement is a type of training that focuses on rewarding your dogs, usually with treats or praise, when he responds correctly with your commands.

While training your dog, make sure you immediately reward him when he performs correctly. If your dog exhibits an undesired behavior, remove the rewards instead of using physical punishment. This will help you avoid confusing your dog.

One step at a time

Training should be rewarding for both you and your dog, so keep in mind that your dog can only learn so much in one training session. Take it slowly and be patient.

Each training session should only last for 5-10 minutes to avoid overloading your dog with too much information to process. Trying to teach your dog multiple commands in a short period of time will only confuse him, resulting to failure.

It is better to be patient, and to keep a slow but steady pace in teaching your pet.

Important commands

Remember to teach your dog the four most basic commands: Sit, Come, Stay, and Lie Down.

Most training books cover these commands, teaching you an efficient and effective way to train these commands to your dog. These commands will help you control your dog in all situations, making the outside environment safer to explore.


Even though you are the owner, keep in mind that your dog still socializes with other people.

In family situations, make sure that everyone enforces the commands that you taught your dog. This is to avoid confusing your dog, making him forget the training sessions he had.

Learning can be fun

Dog training can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be.

Teach your dog some fun tricks as well, such as “roll over” and “play dead”. Not only will he win everyone’s heart over with these cute tricks, but the two of you will get to bond more often.

You are the best trainer your dog can have since he trusts you the most. Make sure your fur friend is obedient, safe, and happy by keeping in mind all these tips.

Enforcing a solid training foundation will benefit both of you.



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