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15 ways to know if you are totally obsessed by your dog

Your best friend
Seaq68 (CC0), Pixabay

Of course, if you own a dog, yours is the best in the world. A bit like your mother is the best mother in the world. Your dog is the most loving adorable dog and so you have to share everything about your dog on Facebook and other places where you spend your time. It is unlikely you have the same posts about your mother! No matter what your mood your dog will always greet you with a wagging tail, happy expression on its face, and maybe some yelps of joy when you get home from your day at work.

Our dogs live with us at all times. They are out playing when we are out playing, they hang around when we eat, some without begging for food, and others which have been trained just watch and eat from their own bowls. But they are still part of the family. However, some of us, the ones who love our dogs as much as they love us can be seen to be a bit obsessed with them. Check out the list below and see if you are one of them. No problem if you are. Join the club.

1. Your dog’s diet is very important.

You really care about what your dog eats. You only buy the best dog food that you have researched is the best there is for your dog with the right balance of nutrients and vitamins. If you are the type that eats steak, then you have to share the best sirloin with your pet, a bit of offcut meat is not good enough.


2. Your dog gets pampered more than you or your children.


There are some people who pamper their dogs to the extreme. There are diamond studded collars given to the dogs of the mega-rich, but for the rest of us there are toys and treats galore. The dog has to have the best dog training and definitely have its own comfortable bed unless of course, it has its own patch on your bed.

3. You and your dog have long conversations.

They say that a dog is a mans best friend. They are because when you share your life with them by talking to them all the time about what you are doing, what you are thinking, and how you are running your life, then they listen without any form of judgement. In doing so by talking about your life you clarify things in your own mind. This is so valuable and they do indeed become our best friends.

4. You choose places to live that are dog-friendly.

Many rented homes do not allow pets because of the potential damage. In the early years there may be accidents, but with good training, you and your dog can live anywhere without upsetting the landlord. But you may have to pay extra for the privilege but you do not care, your best friend is sharing your space with you.

5. When you go on holiday you hire a dog/house sitter.

When you have to go away and cannot take your dog with you, then definitely a kennel is not for your dog. You scour the advertisements and talk to your friends to find the best most loving responsible and caring dog sitter to come and look after your prized possessions, your dog and your home. You go on holiday knowing that both are being cared for and you even get email confirmations that this is so with the photos to back it up.

6. Treats are important for you and your dog.

We all love a treat and reward ourselves either because we deserve it after finishing a project, or we just fancy a nibble of chocolate. The funny thing is that after a while we notice that when we have a treat, our dog gets his own dog-friendly chocolate, or chew, or if your dog has done something good, then it is treated for it, but we have to treat ourselves at the same time.

7. Whenever you see pictures of you and your family, your dog is there as well.

Dog with family

Even if you have a professional family portrait, the solo picture and the family picture includes your dog. Your dog is part of your family and so it should take pride of place within any pictures you have. You share your life with your dog so it deserves to be recorded as part of your life for posterity.

8. If you own a dog then you will be covered in hair.

Wherever you look there is dog hair, in the carpet, in your car, stuck to all your clothes, your jeans, sweaters, and even your best suit is covered in hair.

Dog in your suit

No matter how hard you try that hair finds its way onto everything. But you don’t care. Your dog is covered with hair, why not you as well?

9. You have your dog picture as the background on your phone and computer.

Correction, it is the background of your computer, your tablet, your phone, and even your profile pictures are pictures of the love of your life, your dog. Maybe they are not all the same, but they are all of the same dog. And why not, they are the best part of your life.

10. Dogs that are loved need grooming.

Your fantastic dog needs to look good at all times. So after going out for a walk and coming back muddy or dirty, you spend much more time washing, drying and grooming your dog so that it looks fantastic again before lying on your favourite chair. Some dogs get raw eggs to eat, they are supposed to be good for their coat. Who cares if it is true or not, anything to keep your dog looking great needs to be tried.

11. Your dog helps create new friends.

Dogs playing
Free-Photos (CC0), Pixabay

Dogs are very social animals, and so when you take them for a walk, then they have to go and meet and greet all other dogs that are anywhere near them. They have no shame or care about how they do it, they do it in doggy ways. The funny thing is that when our dog greets another dog, then we humans talk to each other as well. You never know who you will meet because of your dog romping with a new friend it has just met for the first time.

12. Your dog shares your bed and you would be lonely if it was not there.

Not everyone shares their bed with their dog. But many do and they could not imagine life without that warm heavy lump on their feet, the sudden realisation that there is no longer any room on the bed as even the smallest dog seems to take up the prime space. And you welcome the intrusion, life is not the same without your friend on your bed.

13. Dog toys are everywhere.

dog, irish terrier, pet
congerdesign (CC0), Pixabay

When we have children there is a period where children’s toys are all over the house, but in time they grow up and the toys vanish. Not so with a dog. The dog toys are everywhere, squeaky toys, ropes to pull on, stuffed animals with bits missing, the list goes on and on. They are under the bed, stuffed behind cushions, on the stair ready to trip us up. But they keep your dog happy whether you are there or not.

14. You cannot imagine how life was before your dog.

Life takes on a new meaning now you are no longer greeted by a quiet empty house when you come home. Even if other members of the family are there, somehow the house seems fuller with your dog being present as well. The greeting with a happy smile, a wagging tail, and perhaps a favourite toy for you to share with them makes you feel loved when you walk through the door. They care for you and are always there to greet you. They are not distracted by Facebook and ignore you when you arrive home.

15. You leave the TV and radio on for your dog.

Comfreak (CC0), PixabayDeep inside you know that you do not leave the TV or radio on to deter burglars, you leave them on for company for your dog. You know your dog’s favourite programmes and that is what you leave on all the time you are out. Your TV keeps your dog company. Does yours know how to change the channel?



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